Meet Tarah Cunnynghame


As part of our project to get to know the women who wear C.Nicol bags a bit more, we caught up with one of our customers in London. Tarah tells us a bit about life since moving from Australia (travelling, dancing and trying not to kill plants this year).

Tarah, tell us a bit about yourself and your average day?  

As far as work goes, I am usually based onsite, but since COVID I have been working from home which I don’t mind at all. My workdays are really varied, which I like and I’m currently working on some really exciting new projects. One of the best things about my job is the people I work with; there is always banter (especially when Australia is losing!), and they are a really creative and hardworking bunch – which helps on pretty demanding match days.   

In my spare time you can (usually) find me hanging out with my best friends. As I don’t have any immediate family in the UK, these girls have become just that, and I am really lucky to have them in my life. We love dining out, entertaining or enjoying all the fab things London has to offer like going to shows, sporting events or just waking in gorgeous parks and gardens.   

I also love to travel. Croatia, Italy, Greece and Egypt have been my favourites so far, and when this is all over, I can’t wait to see more. Pre-Covid, I dabbled in the odd bit of ballroom and Latin dancing; it was so much fun, great for fitness and stress relief and I met some incredible people, some have become friends for life.          

How has Covid-19 and the lockdown/working from home changed things for you? 

I normally love having something nice to look forward to, especially if it involves seeing my family, so having a bit of a bleak outlook has been hard at times, but given the situations other people find themselves in, I feel very grateful for what I have.   

Work has definitely kept me busy which I am really grateful for, but I really felt like I wanted to help, to give something back, so I enrolled as an NHS check-in-and-chat volunteer, which has been very humbling and rewarding. I’ve tried to remain as positive as possible over the past six-months but I do allow myself a bad day, week etc. when I have them, and I have definitely had them. So to help, I’ve tried to exercise more (and even managed to lose a few kgs), communicated more creatively with my parents, brother & sister in Australia, got to know my neighbours and their delicious cooking, and for the first time ever, I’ve successfully not killed three new chilli plants… and if you knew me, you’d know this was a big achievement! I’m definitely taking every small win I can at the moment.  

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