More than a season

The decision to buy a bag is often made on impulse (we know!) but in writing this, we want our customers and future customers to be aware of our ethos and process in designing and making C.Nicol bags and our hope that, as a result, our bags will be worn for much more than a season.


Creating bags comprising classic, natural colours, heritage textiles, fine leathers and perfect stitching is really important to us and we know these are things our customers appreciate too. We’re all for a pop of seasonal colour but even our bright hues are those you can find in nature, whether it’s a flash of purple, reminiscent of a sage flower or the crisp green of a garden-grown apple.


We offer a cleaning service so those who own a C.Nicol bag can send it to us for a refresh and this really helps to lengthen the lifecycle of our bags, which should be a lifetime if properly looked after. Our bags are designed and made to last the wearer so much more than a season, we want them to wear and love our bags year after year. For those who feel they want to wear something new, regularly, C.Nicol bags are available to rent from My Wardrobe HQ – a retail model that we are huge fans of!


Our bags are made in London and Budapest by long-established leather-working family businesses that produce for some of the UK and Europe’s top bag brands. Our bags are made by small teams and visiting them is always fun and a happy experience to meet the skilled women who expertly craft our designs into bags for us.


All bags are made from bovine (cow) leather and as yet we have not found a better vegan alternative to the robust, carefully made and long-lasting materials we use but we do use food by-product leathers and source from tanneries that have strict policies on water wastage and do not use harmful dyes and processes in tanning the leather.


In terms of our packaging, last year we stopped using additional packaging such as gift boxes, plastic bags and bubble wrap and now send out bags to customers in a beautiful handmade canvas dust bag wrapped carefully in recycled tissue and protected by a new, biodegradable bubble wrap that will degrade in home composts.


If you’d like to know more about how we work, please get on touch using the contact page on our web site.

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