C.Nicol x Knockando Woolmill

As well as whisky (and the Loch Ness Monster?), textiles are one of Scotland's most famous products - we all know and love our tweeds and tartans!
In late summer last year, I visited Knockando Woolmill and had the privilege of touring the mill and seeing how their textiles are made. Knockando is a short drive from where the C.Nicol business is based in Grantown on Spey in the Cairngorms National Park.
Knockando Woolmill sits in the Spey Valley, on the same site it has occupied for over 230 years. There, fresh, contemporary designs are woven alongside traditional tweeds and classic woollen blankets - all produced with the same attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship that has been at the heart of the Woolmill since the beginning.
One of the most exciting parts of being a designer is the discovery of materials and makers, watching how these are made and the attention and care that goes in to each stage of the process. Having behind-the-scenes access to see machinery intricately set with spools in myriad colours and meeting one of the weavers was wonderful;
Their carding set is pre-1900 and at least second hand - these machines would have been acquired from other local mills which were upgrading. The Woolmill's mule is an 1870 Platt Brothers mule, made in Oldham. It is an early model of a ‘self-acting’ mule which features 120 spindles. Dobcross Looms were the work horses of textile manufacturing in industrial Britain. With over a million of these machines made, those at Knockando Woolmill are early examples dating back to 1896 and 1899.
Knockando Woolmill
In the past few months we’ve been busy drawing and sampling and have reached final prototypes in some of our most popular styles. Here is a little look at our Holly bucket bag, using a touch of Knockando tweed on the flap, framed with our signature matt black leather.
C.Nicol leather bucket bag Knockando Tweed
You’ll have to watch this space for further updates on our New Heritage collection.
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Wising you all a lovely weekend, Cathleen x
Designer/owner, C.Nicol
P.s Find out more about Knockando Woolmill here: {click to go to their web site}
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