The lockdown, resulting from Covid-19, has created an unbearable environment for many experiencing domestic abuse. As a small gesture of support, throughout June and July we will dedicate 100% of the sales of 10 bags and a further 10% of all sales on to Scottish Women’s Aid.


Scottish Women’s Aid (SWA) has heard from their members and from calls to Scotland’s Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline that abusers are using measures imposed to combat the pandemic as a tool in their abuse, for example, increasing their control of women’s movement, keeping them isolated, threatening to expose them to the virus, or discouraging women from seeking help by telling them that services are not operating or that the police will not respond. Leaving an abusive relationship does not mean the end of the abuse. Women who do not live with their abuser may feel increased fear because their abuser knows that they will be spending time at home, increasing the risk of stalking. SWA are also concerned about the impact of coronavirus on children and young people experiencing domestic abuse, who right now cannot attend school or nursery – the places many of them feel safest.

Scottish Women’s Aid is a national policy organisation and umbrella organisation for the local Women’s Aid organisations in Scotland, campaigning and lobbying on their behalf. They also run a direct and nation-wide service, the Scotland’s Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage Helpline. More information on the Helpline is available here

To read more information on the impact of the pandemic on women, children and young people, please have a look at the page dedicated specifically to the subject

The donation will be made in August 2020 to Scottish Women’s Aid and details of the donation will be published here on

If you’d prefer to make a direct donation to Scottish women’s aid rather than making a purchase through C.Nicol, please find a link here to their donations page.  They also have a Just Giving page which makes donating quick, simple and safe:

Scottish Women’s Aid - Registered Scottish Charity No. is SC00109

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