Within each C.Nicol bag’s DNA are three key pillars; clean lines, comfort and function but layered with this is what inspires the shapes and colours we choose. Nature, and in particular, the landscapes of the Highlands of Scotland where C.Nicol is based has a huge influence. Strong, defined shapes with slight curvatures and the earthy, natural colours present through our collections are reminiscent of the Highland countryside throughout the seasons. If the colour isn’t found in nature, it’s unlikely you’ll find it in one of our leathers used.
Our bags are structured, they can hold some weight and stand on their own, but they have curves in places to soften the aesthetic. Minimalism is important to our brand look too, the only ‘logo’ on the outside of our bags is used on our smooth veg tan leather bags and even then, the logo is presented on the bottom right of each bag and blind embossed, so it’s very subtle.


We focus more on the use of classic colours, materials and shapes and excellent quality leather and sewing, rather than fashion trends. Our bags are made to last women a lifetime and not just a season. We want the wearers of C.Nicol bags to wear and love our styles year after year.
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